This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Darla Windborn


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    Darla Windborn  Empty Darla Windborn

    Post by Bri on Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:27 am

    Darla Windborn  Tumblr10

    Faceclaimed: Holliday Grainger

    Name: Darla  Windborn

    Titled Name: N/A

    Age: 16

    Personality: Darla is describe  to be such a free spirited  young lady, she  is such a imaginative girl and  little  adventurous. For a girl not born in loyal blood she is very intelligent fast learner, she always  step ahead of her siblings.  She very loving to her family and she stubborn always  restless giving her father handful,  Darla takes after her father when he was younger and troublemaker. Although childish her said he never seen girl so fearless and full of joy for she is his very first daughter.

    Birth Place: The North in village called Blackberry Shrine.

    House Of: Windborn

    House Sigil: N/A

    Mental Attributes

    Mental: Darla has no aggression once or ever, she believes herself chosen by Gods because woken Dragon. When comes to goals Darla is willing to take the risk and selfless with her actions

    Physical Skills:
    Darla knows about archery and father taught her because he was one of the guards in King's Landing secretly as young boy for he was orphan but gave it up to live out simple life so he taught her how to focus when comes to archery and defend herself.

    Darla is very artistic she loves read stories and very good at  drawing, she loves artistic things even singing and dancing she enjoys doing.

    She's very good at horse riding and taming animals since Darla as one strange connect to animal people rarely have.  

    Social Skills:
    Darla is known be a person full of compassion to her love ones, she is someone her younger siblings or others could look up too. She doesn't judge people where they're from but only how they act.

    She can't be easily fool since her father taught her if someone a bit too nice they can't be trusted. She always kind to others and enjoys having companions.

    Darla has been seen by people who know her telling children in the village stories and playing with them meaning she really adores children.


    Bardon Windborn { Father|| ( age 39) }

    Isobella  Merwells-Windborn {Mother|| ( age 34) }

    Samuel Windborn { Eldest brother ( age 20) }

    Dariss Windborn  { Older Brother| Samuel younger twin ( age 20) }

    Henrik Windborn { Younger Brother ( age 14) }

    Lucian Windborn { Younger Brother (age 12) }

    Joslyn Windborn { Younger Sister ( age 9 ) }

    Rosalina Windborn { Younger Sister ( age 5 ) }

    Nadia Windaborn ( Youngest Sister ( age 2) }

    Rumors: Villagers where she is from like spread  rumors that Emalyn refuses marry the blacksmith son because she has lovers, it's not actually true as well because Emalyn never been in love nor had lovers in her life. Even make believe her youngest sister is her child out of wedlock when Emalyn also never slept with anyone in her lifer either.

    Known In Public: In public she knows as young maiden who loves playing with the children and always restless even her own father once was. She loves helping others in the village and there they admire  Darla for such kindness, she's known to do everything with her siblings  and get into trouble with them. They are very inseparable and dare little devils together always out playing taking risk together.

    Darla Windborn  was third child of Bardon Windborn and his wife Isobella Merwells he married when she was only 14  in village called Blackberry Shrine, it located only 3 days apart from Winterfell and as Lord Rickard is their head lord. Their loyalty is to Winterfell people upon Blackberry Shrine Village. They are known make massive food in their crop fields to last until end winter as people their  grow the most fresh fruits and vegetables. It's land with nothing but farmers, best blacksmith, crafting and Northern merchants who are ruled under Winterfell.  

    While growing up  Darla had more younger siblings but was born their eldest daughter. However, she always help her mother raising her younger siblings and while her father's work as a farmer. She had a happy childhood and always enjoyed life in Blackberry Shrine, her siblings and herself enjoyed adventuring in the forest pretending go on dangerous quest coming home before sundown gathering before bed when her father would tell the children stories. Every day was most exciting things for each one of the Windborn children as they enjoy life while mother always made best meal each day.

    However, one day Darla and her siblings once again went play into the forest one again near the river only she found herself discovering odd rock shape like egg it was very white as snow. Her siblings teased and joked saying she found  dragons egg, they end up taking it home with them when it was time. They stay up late in home where they all slept together near fire pit and since they couldn't sleep with that odd rock bothering their curiosity they dare  Darla put the odd looking rock in burning fire pit  keeping them warm at night.  

    Darla placed the  upon fire and they made pallets on floor watching it and eventually felt sleep as night was nearly at dawn her and her siblings woken from odd  cracking noises. The watched as the odd shape rock was cracking and it deed was nothing never expected to be.While the egg cracked open it rolled out from fire pit and was finally open but begin to move around because  whatever was inside it surely was much alive, Darla caught it with her blanket and when open up the covers there was baby dragon.

    They were  freak out but it seem the dragon really liked their eldest sister Darla, their oldest two brothers end up finding out and were shock but decided hide it from their parents. They hidden the dragon well for  two whole months it wasn't until one day dragon gotten hungry her mother saw something small eating her pie and fainted when seen this  scale white dragon eating the war pie she baked.  When their mother woken up they  explained everything but since the Darla been taking care of it and it listen to Darla following her around that it wouldn't be so bad she think it would be, she told them it was time tell their father about the dragon.

     Once her father return with the two older brothers working at the farm animals he seen them gather at the table and his daughter Darla had a dragon sleeping upon her lap, what was shocked her father knew about it the whole time  and never say anything after that the whole family been hidden the dragon from the villagers and trying keep it safe.

    Story wrote:
     It was during night when  Darla was laying bed and father tuck her in, she was only 5 years old during that time,"papa, what does King's Landing look like?"  He looked down at his curious young daughter, she seem to wonder about the outside world from their village and said," well then, ye wonder about the King's Landing, don't ya? It's surrounded by different people than you and me self, I got there selling the horses for I seen the great big castle." She was so amazed as  try imagine her father when  travels far to sell horses there or goods and asked wonder what these different people are like," why are they so different papa, do they dress different too?"

    Bardon chuckled and knew his daughter Darla surely gets everything from him so curious and free spirited," certainly probably never played in snow in there lives, who knows if even snows there."  Darla frowned and  gasped," they never played in snow in their lives that's so terrible papa, they never played snow fights."

    He wasn't sure what child like herself will be like when she's older, sometimes it worried Bardon and Darla wary eyes were being rubbed by her gentle small little hands eventually she drifted to sleep. Her parents watched her as  grew up being beautiful like her mother and restless wild child like her father once was.

    Henrik begged his father," please father, can we go play into forest! Darla will take us, please! Please!" Their mother placed her hand on Bardon's shoulder than said," now Bardon, ye must let the children enjoy being young they did indeed help ye with farm yesterday evening and this could be their reward if they become back home before moon rise.

    He sighed as thought it over, since their mother was okay with the children going off to play and Darla was going with them himself didn't seem bother by any harm. Bardon nodded his head agreeing," all right, if yer mother agrees to allow you go play into forest be back at before moon rise and be very safe."  

    Darla smiled with excitement," we promise to come home before dark, papa!" They happily ran off playing in forest near the rivers chasing each other while Darla held little Nadia watching them sitting near the river. She seen something so  strange by the rock near the river and asked herself," what is that?" She sat Nadia down and walked over to this  strange egg shape rock, it looked so odd that herself wonder what her siblings would think.

     Darla shouted," c'mere, I found odd shape rock and you need come to see this!" They ran over and gather up seeing this odd egg shape rock, Henrik teased her and snickered to others," oh no, Darla found  dragon when wakes up it's going eat us all, we might as well keep it for the rock is pretty odd"  She rolled her eyes at her little brother, who's honestly could be an arse sometimes and gets it from  their father of course. Darla replied," haha, very funny little brother dragons died out ago! Maybe it's  a rare rock and certainly no dragon."  

    Or so she believed the egg shape rock was not  a dragon, there was no way in name of gods it could be and deep down part of her was bit curious if it might be. By sunset her and younger siblings rushed back home, after the had  warm  meal everyone was off to bed.

    Not one of the Windborn children could sleep during this very night, Lucian whispered," I can't sleep, are ye guys still awake? I keep thinking about that odd rock we brought home together that Darla found." There youngest sister Nadia seem to be awake, she was curious too for 2 year old and Darla replied," neither can I, myself only can think of the odd rock I found." Henrik was awake as well and sat up upon his bed looking directly at warm fire pit near by," if we're curious and you are too why not, might as well dare ye put that rock in bit of fire pit."

    Joslyn said," ye're daring Darla to put the odd thing in the fire pit, how is that suppose to solve our curiosity."  Rosalina giggled and clapped her hands with excitement and only thing she desired most was seeing what might happen with this little dare," because the rock might be a dragon, do someone need to be the dragon king of 7 realms to awake a dragon?" Henrik raised his eyebrow and suggested privately no one would need be loyal Targaryen just to wake a dragon, he said in a serious tone," psh, I bet the dragon king can't awake up  dragon egg if it is one and that if our sister wakes a dragon it will make king look like a helpless kitten."

    Darla nodded," all right then, I'll put the rock in the fire pit and we might as well make something on floor to rest on watching it over night." She placed it the fire pit making sure fire take lit and end up helping her siblings made pallet upon the floor. They waited for something to happen as they lay before the warmth from the fire, all the odd rock did there was stood there right were she placed it.

    They eventually drifted a sleep and slept for a while or so however, it changed completely when they heard this odd nose as something struggling break through. The children and Darla woken their weary eyes seeing the odd shape rock wasn't what it seemed to be.  Whatever was inside it make these moaning whimpering sounds and gentle growling,"bloody name of gods what is that inside that egg?!"  Henrik said.

    Never in this boy's life he expected  such things happening here, Darla held her two younger sisters who were beside her,"shh, it's okay whatever is I am sure it's not very frighten." She replied, although her sister Joslyn and Rosalina eyes widen when rolled off from fire pit after burst open from the top and whatever is it was very much alive. Darla stood up and picked up blanket where walked up too it very quietly, she end up covering it up since it was hot from the fire. Rosalina gasped and whatever the thing was surely whimpering these strange cries," Darla has caught it! It's making funny noises, it's alive!"

    They backed away, Darla said," stay right there, don't wake up Nadia." She slowly uncovered it and eyes widen of what revealed under the blanket," d-d-dragon.." It looked up at her confused but nuzzle under her chin, the children were to shock say anything there two eldest brothers walked in," oi, what's going on about h-..Is that..."  One the twins said.

    Darla only nodded and didn't knew what say, she was holding  dragon, it was alive and breathing. In fact it seem to like her and she didn't knew how their parents would react that there's living breathing dragon with scales with as snow with little silver grey upon it's little head. The dragon was tiny little thing as well," well, yes we must keep it and give a name. It's just baby, would yourself want something so fragile getting killed big brother?"

    He didn't knew how  reaction but sighed, it looked harmless and liked Darla very much nor was the little thing frighten either," all right then, the dragon is responsibility and I am sure you can think of name for it."

    Darla looked at the little creature now sleep in her arms, she peeked in the blanket for it definitely was a girl and she thought of name for the dragon," how about Slyvena, I know she definitely a girl so I think she'll love this name."

    After that night Darla looked after it and while having the little dragon for a while eventually her mother found out  and father knew all along but her family accepted since she was close it would be terrible harm the little thing when maybe Old Gods  chosen her for  great things.


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