This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Elira of the Free Folk


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    Elira of the Free Folk Empty Elira of the Free Folk

    Post by Cassie on Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:30 pm

    Elira of the Free Folk 904f4ff739ca04e4abc26c542942668c

    Face Claim: Keira Knightly

    Name: Elira

    Titled Name:  None

    Age: 20

    Personality: Elira is very down to earth and free spirited young woman she does what she wants and like many free folk bows to no one. Depending on the person she does show a certain degree of respect no matter who you are if she feels you deserve it or not. She is a very curious person and want to learn all she can, no matter what the rules are. She cares very little for rules she feels are there just to make life difficult she just as well follows her own rules and moral codes. It might come to fighting for someone who will goes against her in this area. Her way of thinking has tended to get her in trouble.

    Birth Place: North of the Wall

    House Of: Ice River Clan

    House Sigil: None

    Mental Attributes

    Mental: Elira grew up on a harsh cold land, but with tough and stubborn people who would fight for life for every chance they got. She is no different, she is somewhat aggressive when she needs to be and doesn't like being pushed around or over looked. She will speak up and throw a few stones or break some teeth if it got her her own fair share of something.

    Also had Crow and Daddy issues, has been told by her mother that her father is a crow. Has been told under no circustances is she to seek him out as it is dangerous being in Crow Territory, and the fact her father is a crow must be kept secret. However she would usually do the exact opposite and try and find her father out of curiosity

    Physical Skills: Elira is fairly strong for a female, she has self taught skills on a bow and arrow and the use of a spear for hunting and fighting. She has lived on the move through most of her life, to survive she has had to help hunt and go long distance on foot.

    Social Skills: Elira can be friendly and laid back in peaceful times, with dashes of Sarcasm laced in between.  She loves to crack jokes and tease those around  her if she is in the mood. On the flip side she can be rather cynical if rubbed the wrong way.  


    Father: Vorian Brightstone
    Mother: Brilene of the Free Folk

    Rumors:  Because of her Warg abilities of linking with a Raven that greatly resembles a crow many of her people distrust her and think her Raven brings misfortune and bad luck.

    Known In Public:  Among her own people she is known for her rebelliousness and for her mother's wit and skill with a spear. With the southerners  she is found as slightly odd for her way of acting is out of the norm for a woman. She is brash, and often seen as disrespectful rude in other times when strangers come across her and don't understand her methods.

    Elira was born to Brilene of the Free Folk, her father was a Crow, a man of the Nights Watch mortal enemy of the Free Folk.  She never knew her father other then what her Mother told her about him. They had met as enemies, but due to a horrible storm they had to work together to survive and during that time they had managed to care for each other. During one night Vorian, her father choose to forget his vows..Then months later she was born in her mother's camp the identify of her father a secret.

    Elira grew up as rambunctious young girl, always going off where she shouldn't and getting into trouble, from making the clan elder angry cause she ate his share of meat to almost becoming meat herself when she was nearly captured by a group of Thenns. She learned from her mistakes though, though weather she learned not to do something or learned how not to get caught was anyone's guess.

    As she grew older and she learned how to use weapons and go on hunts  and she became rather good at it. She was quick, smart and had good eyes for the hunt when it came to taking an animal down. After she turned 15 it was discovered she was Warg, She had the ability to push her mind in to an animal, specifically a Raven, a large back crow-like bird.  This unfortunately was not looked on kindly by her people, they saw as a possible bad omen for them. A crow would bring them death.

    Weather is was her bringing bad luck or not, over the next year fighting between the Men of the Nights watch and the other clans grew and they were losing after being attacked from so many different enemies. Eventually her clan exiled her and her mother claiming she had cursed them. So the two women with nowhere to go set their sights on the large wall that was guarded by the nights watch. They couldn't go through it the only open entrances were heavily guarded.. they could go over a unguarded section. But that meant climbing 700 foot wall and climb it she and her mother did.

    Roleplay Sample
    They  were almost there she could see the top it was so close she could almost touch it, but not quite. They have been climbing for seemed like ages, their bodies were spent and screaming for mercy, the most rest they could get was stop the climb for a few moments before going again. No sleeping, no eating, not drinking.. just climbing. It was either climb now or die, they had no choice. She could hear her mother struggling behind her and look down trying to only focus on that of her mother and not the vast drop the may await her if she lost her footing.

    "Mother, we are all most there, Come on we have come to far to die now" she called to her mother hoping to give her the strength to push herself just a little further. "We can rest at the top I promise"

    The thought of sleeping by a warm fire felt like heaven she was so tired and such pain, she almost wished she could warg into Thelio, her Raven to escape it. But to do so would mean her and her mothers deaths. With a few deep breaths she lifted her arm and jabbed her pick into the ice moving ever closer to the top. It was such a agonizing way they were so tired that the short distance they had left to go felt like a unreachable distance.

    This time with a frustrated scream Elira reached further and jabbed the ice hard and she screamed again do thing the same with her legs and feet and again and again. Agony or not they would make it up there.

    Then finally she felt the top of the wall and her heart felt light and heavy at the same time. Were they finally there at the top? With one last heave she pulled herself up on the top, she was exhausted but now she needed to help her mother. Reaching the top gave her new strength and pulled the rope that was anchored to her mother and she managed to pull her mother up the rest of the way to save her the added agony of the continued climb. And then she collapsed relived that they had made it to the top, but her body had reach beyond its limit. Before her world faded to darkness she saw the sun setting over the land beyond the wall. The land they had been denied entrance to for  a thousand years. It was hard to believe but she would see land that was not white but green.. it was a far distance away but she could see it. She hoped that sometime soon she could walk upon ground that was green beneath her feet and feel air that was warm on her skin..  

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