This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Richard Frost Empty Richard Frost

    Post by sub_rosa on Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:28 am

    Richard Frost Tumblr_mjcmg2DIeu1ra5bs2o1_500
    Faceclaimed: Tom Felton

    Name: Richard Frost

    Titled Name: Lord Richard Frost

    Age: 27

    Personality: Richard is a young man confident enough to speak his mind, and bold enough to mean it. He knows little of patience, but much of focus. Richard can be particularly hot-headed when he doesn’t get his way. A contemptuous attitude frequently marks his words and actions towards any he does not like or feels are lower than him on the social-political ladder. On the opposite side of the coin he is courteous and charming towards those considered to be his betters.

    Whenever faced with a difficult decision as a young boy, Richard’s father always made him recite the words, “It is better to be feared than loved; for love is a weakness, and all weaknesses lead unto death.” This taught him to guard his heart and school his face to never betray his true feelings. His true self hides behind layers and layers of anger, discontent, and icy venom; or otherwise is masked in such a way that he may be difficult to read. It pleases him to see fear on the faces of those who know well his cold, harsh temper... or those recently introduced to it.

    The heir to Frostmere Keep genuinely respects people of strength, courage, ambition, and cunning... but usually only after he’s confirmed those traits for himself. He cares little for what others truly think of him. There are times when his words and his smiles can be deceptive; the problem lies in discerning which words he will act on, or which smile keeps hidden a thousand daggers.

    Those with the willingness and tenacity to chip through the Richard’s outer permafrost might just find a whole different side to his personality underneath all of that ice.

    Birth Place: Northpeak, in the far North bordering the land granted to the Night’s Watch

    House Of: Frost

    House Sigil: Richard Frost Dark_brotherhood__skyrim____assassin_s_creed_by_evilwarrior37-d6rsgos


    Mental: Richard could be considered a sociopath for he feels little remorse for any havoc or fear caused. He enjoys games of high strategy, and his idea of a “game” is subject to him whims. His biggest flaws include impulsive actions, insensitivity, and obsessions with gaining power and influence.

    Physical Skills: While Richard considers himself to be physically strong, he does not favor the greatsword. Preference is given, instead, to short swords and daggers... and moreover, wielding one in each hand. Throwing knives are preferred over other more popular choices for marksmanship. He is quick and sure on his feet; a decent climber and an excellent sprinter.

    Social Skills: Richard bases his interactions largely on social status. His defiant attitude is restrained, if visible at all, to those outside of his family who politically outrank him. It isn’t often that he chooses to be courteous but when the need arises he is able to pull it off. Richard is confident in himself – maybe even too much so – and can be pushy if not an outright terror to those he feels are beneath him.



    - Father :: Godrik Frost
    - Mother :: Lysara Bolton
    - Step-Mother :: Berena
    - Aunts & Uncles :: Donnor, Aregelle, and Bartimus Frost

    - Sisters :: Meliana (31), Jorelle (29), Leona (24), Bessa (19), Alysane (14)
    - Half-sister :: Kyra (12)

    - Nieces & Nephews :: Lyanna and Cregan (Meliana), Arrana and Alyn (Jorelle), Harwin and Jyana (Leona), and Chayle (Bessa)

    1. Richard once killed a man simply by glaring at him.
    Richard did glare at a man, and did kill him... but prolonged eye contact wasn’t the cause.

    2. The Frosts wear the flayed skins of their enemies during secret religious functions, not unlike a similar rumor regarding House Bolton.
    House Frost does not keep or wear the flayed skins of their enemies. Whether or not they take a leaf out of House Bolton’s book and flay their enemies alive remains to be seen.

    3. Richard drinks the blood of enemies and criminals, and in so doing gains greater physical strength (and as a consequence, a shorter temper)
    Richard does not drink human blood.

    Known In Public:
    Richard is confident, smug, and easily bored in public. If sufficiently displeased he can and will become violent. He comes to conclusions quickly and shrugs it off as nothing if his conclusions are wrong. Occasionally Richard will do something completely outrageous, unexpected, or uncalled for purely for shock value (and subsequently his amusement). Strength and cunning are highly prized attributes, for Richard is frequently practicing his skills in combat. Richard has been known to test the strength and cunning of his father’s men... sometimes testing the former by means most lethal.

    Richard was born during the most violent of snowstorms, between winter’s death and spring’s rebirth. The whole of Frostmere Keep in the land of Northpeak literally shook as winds and freezing rains threatened to ravage the solid architecture. Lady Lysara Bolton had had a difficult pregnancy, but upon learning that she delivered a son she knew it was worth every excruciating minute. Her husband, Godrik Frost, had threatened to execute Lysara if she produced yet another girl-child.

    All of Richard’s siblings were sisters. Growing up as the only son was both awkward and stressful; he had no interest in his sisters’ activities, and he was meant to lead by example for his younger sisters that followed. More often than not the boy would seek the company of his two dogs or any visiting cousins that shared his interests.

    Godrik favored his son, but was also harsh with him. For the longest time it felt to Richard that there was no pleasing the man. The youth’s days were filled with long, hard hours of combat training with his father’s best soldiers; many of his evenings were reserved for lessons from the Maester that lasted up until the last flicker of candlelight. A few scant hours of sleep would find him, and then the day would start all over again.

    When Richard wasn’t taking his lessons, he frequently visited his mother’s family. This was in part to give him other boys his age to play and interact with. Occasionally these visits were supplemented with other lessons... such as the bloody history of House Bolton, and what transpired in days centuries-old, in the days of the First Men.

    Two more sisters were born into the family after Richard, in Godrik’s desperate attempts for more sons in case Richard fell in battle. There was constant talk of needing more boys in the family. Godrik took additional women with the full intention of legitimizing any bastard sons that might result, but no children were produced in these unions. One night Richard overheard his father threaten Lysara with execution if the baby she was carrying, the sixth of his children, was another girl. The threat made Richard’s blood boil. While he wasn’t fond of being the only male child in the family, no one threatened or ridiculed Lysara Bolton in the presence of her son; doing so ensured the offender’s one way ticked to a torturous, lifetime prison sentence, or worse. But this was his father...

    Sure enough: Lysara gave Godrik yet another baby girl. Richard didn’t get to witness the birth, but the news spread like wildfire. What none of the Frost children knew was that their youngest sister, Avila, was taken care of by a wet-nurse while Lysara was dragged off to the dungeons. Godrik insisted to his children that Lysara had left for a trip to see her parents, but Richard knew better. When Richard confronted his father in private about the matter, Godrik was more than open with his son about the arrangements that had been made for Lysara. On top of it all Godrik also announced to Richard that he’s already selected a new wife to take Lysara’s place once his wife was away long enough to be considered missing and presumed dead by their laws.

    Richard’s stepmother, Berena, was a terrible woman. He refused to attend his father’s wedding, instead taking up a military mission on the very day of the wedding. When Richard returned well after a month later his father and new step-mother did not greet him with well-wishes or congratulations on a mission well fought but with scorn that he had not attended the wedding. There was a large confrontation between the three; when Richard spouted words of venom to his new stepmother, Godrik came to blows with his son to the point that Richard required the Maester’s medical attention.

    It seemed like the same day the Maester deemed Richard well enough to no longer need medical ministrations, at least a week or so after the confrontation, Godrik and Berena had set up meetings with their allies in order to find Richard a wife. This irritated the young man to no end, and to spite his parents he refused each and every marriage proposal they put in his path. This isn’t to say he didn’t meet with the girls: Richard had no problems with meeting them, dining with them, entertaining them, or romancing them if he could get that far without making long-term commitments... but he would not settle on one particular woman for his bride.

    When even Berena produced a daughter for Godrik, a great many eyebrows were raised. It seemed as though the Gods were deliberately cursing the vassal Lord by refusing him sons... or at least this was Godrik’s view on the matter. When Berena did not meet the same fate as Lysara had, Richard went to his father to ask why. To Richard’s shock, amazement, and incredulity, Godrik claimed that he was finally accepting that the Gods have demanded him to have only one male child in his bloodline. Father and son argued and once again came to blows, but thanks to the Maester’s intervention the altercation wasn’t nearly as ugly this time.

    In Richard’s eyes, there is only one way to make things right again. His father had to go.

    Richard tossed a bone for his hound to fetch, and leaned against one of the wooden beams of the stables. The grey hunting dog took off after the bone with the same glee of a child in search of sweets. House Frost’s stables were just enough out of the way that it made a great place for Richard to escape to when he needed to think or get away from his father. In an instant the dog returned with the bone and dropped it at Richard’s feet.

    “Well done, Ghost,” he murmured, picked up the bone where the dog hadn’t drooled all over it, and threw it again. Ghost barked at him before sprinting off once again.

    Richard glanced at the stables. He could hear his horse being re-shoed, no doubt for the voyage ahead of him. The young man sighed; the day of his departure could not get here quickly enough. A muzzle sharply nudged his ankle and startled Richard out of his thoughts. Steel-blue eyes snapped into focus on the black dog beside him. “What now, Shayde?” he asked, kneeling to pat the dog’s shaggy head.

    A vivid black and red dress came into view where Shayde was watching. Dark brown ringlets and the pale face of Alysane Frost followed. “Father’s been looking for you. He says he’s found another girl for you to meet once you’ve come back from the tourney.”

    Cold eyes slowly lifted from the abyss of Shayde’s fur to the dark eyes of his sister. “You can tell our Father to go fuck himself.”

    Alysane rolled her eyes. “I’m sure that will go over astonishingly well... He’s threatening to disinherit you if you refuse to marry this one.”

    Richard stood to his full height so Alysane wouldn’t look down at him anymore. He balled his hands into fists and put them on his hips. “Idle threats. He’s made them before.”

    “It’d be wiser to just go along with it. Not everyone gets to marry for love-“

    Richard glared at her. “I’d like to marry someone who’s a bit more interesting than Old Dalla’s porridge... Father’s taste in women as of late is atrocious.”

    Alysane blinked, caught off guard by that analogy. “... Granted, that. But you can’t put it off forever.” Ghost trotted over to her and dropped the bone on her feet, then pawed at her skirt. “Not now, Ghost...”

    Richard crossed his arms. His gaze shifted away from his sister. “I’m not putting it off forever. ... Just not right now.”

    The next thing Richard knew, a blur of blue and brown slammed into him. The twelve year old girl wrapped her arms around her older brother in a bear hug. “Maester Osric says you’re leaving in a few days!”

    Richard winced at the shrill wailing of his youngest sister, and glanced at Alysane. The older of the two girls kept silent, and quirked an eyebrow at him. Richard shifted his weight from one foot to the other, reached behind his back to unclasp the little fingers, and stooped slightly so he was at Kyra’s height. “There’s a tourney in King’s Landing, and I’m going to participate. I’ll be back before you know it.”

    Kyra put on her most regal of pouts. “No, you won’t. It takes ages to get to King’s Landing by horse. I wanna come with you!”

    “No. Your place is here and this is something I need to do on my own.”

    “But Richard...!” Kyra whined.

    Richard leaned forward so he was nearly nose to nose with his half-sister. “The answer is no. Now, c’mon; dry your tears. I’ll take you horseback riding as soon as Wraith’s new horseshoes are on.”

    Kyra grinned. “Alright!” Without another word the little girl ventured into the stable.

    Alysane shook her head. “Such an easy girl to please...”

    Richard’s eyebrow rose. “Easy for you to say.”

    “Just remember what I said, Richard. I really think he means it this time,” Alysane said as she turned to leave. She took a couple of steps, paused, and turned back to him. “And Father was looking to speak with you.” Alysane walked away without waiting for Richard to respond.

    He glared at the place where his sister stood, sighed, and shook his head. Blue eyes glanced between both hunting dogs. “If she only knew how many times he’s said that... He hasn’t ever gone through with those threats, and he won’t. And if he does... we’ll just have to do something about it, won’t we?”

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