This is Before Robert Baratheon's Rebellion, where we recreating the story and journey itself where Robert Baratheon never becomes king.

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    Keira Blackstone Empty Keira Blackstone

    Post by Cassie on Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:52 pm

    Appearance  Here
    Keira Blackstone Tumblr_inline_nrvmqtTv3x1s7audp_540

    Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey

    Name:  Keira Blackstone

    Titled Name: N/A

    Age: 17

    Keira Blackstone is a kind girl but also considerably timid and unsure around others. She becomes nervous  of herself when in the centre of attention. But she still feels compelled to help others if they need it and if she has the means. Due to her shyness she doesn't make friends easily but when she does eventually find someone she can call a friend she is incredibly loyal to them.

    She can be stubborn when it comes to matter of pride, she loves being independent and doing things on her own, so much so it never occurs to her to ask for help even if it is as plain as day that she needs it. If she wants something she gets it through means of she own actions. She is uncomfortable about being in the debt of others and would work hard to get out of it if it was at all possible.

    Birth Place:
    White Harbor

    House Of: Blackstone

    House Sigil: None

    Mental Attributes

    Become anxious rather easily, sometimes believes anyone near her can see her faults and thinks about them behind her back. Has a bad habit of not thinking very much of herself, she has done it ever since she was a small girl. And now it has become a part of very being.

    Physical Skills: Keira isn't the strongest around even by female standards but still she is also stronger then she looks. She is rather skinny tall and frail looking, but working with her father in his shop she moves heavy crates and items around, even if it visibly strains what muscle she has she can still do it.

    Social Skills: Keira is very shy and becomes anxious around people she doesn't know, particularly around men. However once she gets to know someone and becomes comfortable she can be very sweet and well mannered.


    Father: Davith Blackstone (Age 40, Shop Keeper)
    Mother: Nera Blackstone (Age 33,  a Herbalist )
    Brother: Denzin Blackstone (15 wants to be a Kingsguard)
    Sister: Sera Blackstone(12, dreams of being a handmaiden to a highborn lady)
    Halfbrother: Sibas (9, is unknown to the family)

    Some people say that Keira is slightly simple in the head because of her stutter and incredible shyness. Something think she is just a little odd, that there is something not quite normal about her.

    Known In Public: She is very quiet and meek around others, but she is as polite as polite can be. If she is the public face at all she is helping her father in his shop and usually if she talks to others at all she keep strictly to business. Other times if she is helping her mother give people medicine her quiet voice and sweet demeanor often makes them feel more at ease.  


    Keira was born in White Harbor, the main port, the largest and main trade city in the North. Her father  Davith Blackstone was a merchant the sailed to the city to sell his goods from the south. Some of his goods were herbs from Highgarden and whenever he came to White Harbor a pretty young and sweet herbalist came to his buy his collection of herbs. She only came for the herbs, the daughter of a pharmacist who helped her parents. But she had been so pretty he had to enquire about her and so he went to her parents and made arrangements.  Nera agreed to the marriage and under the faith of the seven they were married. A year later Keira was born in the year 261, it was decided since they had a family to raise moving to a smaller town would be simpler, so Davith used what money he had saved and moved his store to the small town of Blackberry Shire.

    Keira had a normal childhood for the most part she was a happy little girl, though she was a quiet one, she could talk though she didn't talk often, eventually she developed a slight stutter that frustrated her when she did wish to talk. Then her little brother Denzin was born and she was excited to have a baby around to play with. When he started getting older was when they started fighting however, Denzin started to get to rough for Keira, granted he was only a toddler but she was small for her age still and he was a chubby boy who liked to hit and rough house his sister. By the time her mother told her that she was having another baby. She demanded it be a girl this time. As luck would have it she did have a girl, little Sera was born when Keira was 5. Keira despite fighting with her younger brother all the time was still protective of both her little siblings. Though little Sera most of all who clung to her sister and her other family members as she grew a little older.

    As Keira got a little older her mother started to taking her out to the fields and taught her about all the herbs they came across. Which ones did what and eventually how to mix them together to make medicine for those who were sick. When Keira was 10 her father started taking her to help out in his shop in hopes it would help his daughter grow out of her shyness. She didn't really like working in the shop. She wanted to hide whenever a costumer would come into the shop and she was very nervous when she had to actually serve someone. As time went on how ever and she got to know some of the regular costumers and she didn't find it so bad.

    Eventually her father gave her her own section to look after in the shop. She would look after the herbs and help costumers if they had question about them. Eventually she got used to talking to costumers about work since there was something to talk about and she knew her stuff.

    When she turned 17 her father started becoming ill and unable to work in the shop, to make it by Keira started working in the shop in his place and her brother would go on hunting trips to bring back and sell the pelts for food or money. Anything that was fair and to keep them going.

    Her father health however only got worse and it was only a matter of time before he believed his time was up. He wanted to make sure his family was provided and he started trying to find a suitor for Keira and he give the shop to his son.  Keira was terrified by  the thought of her father dying and yet felt so helpless. She was to meet her suitor in due time, before that she wanted to clear her head and get fresh air so she headed out to the fields and gathered herbs lost in thought.

    Story wrote:It was early in the morning, her mother was at her fathers bedside looking after him as he still was not well. Keira stood at the kitchen table, she could see into her parents room where she stood. It seemed like her parents were talking about something though she couldn't quite hear what.

    The girl sighed, she worried for her father, he had been sick for sometime and he wasn't getting better, it hurt to think of what would happen if he didn't get better. Just then she was run into from behind rather unceremoniously and she stumbled afew times before getting her footing again. She turned and faced her brother who stood there with a impish grin on his face.

    "Denzin! B..Be careful" she said in a indignant voice as she rubbed her arm where Denzin had run into her. Her brother was the worst brat she knew of. At least in her opinion, he was reckless and only ever thought about himself. She worked in the shop helping their father cause he refused to. She was still angry at him over that, he couldn't help at the shop cause it was inconvenient for him.

    "Sorry." he said shortly and didn't exactly sound like he cared about the apology at all. He put a bag of rabbits on the table he had managed to catch earlier that morning.

    "Look at all the rabbits I managed to get, they all mine Sis, catching them took forever" he said as he took off his hunting gear.

    Keira blinked and glared, "You ar.. aren't going to share them wi..with the rest of us?" she said wondering why he was hogging that catch all to himself when things were so difficult with their father ill.

    Denzin frowned and shrugged "Well I was the one that caught them.. I suppose I could give one to mom for dinner tonight" he said in a somewhat arrogant tone that annoyed the heck out of her. Keira shook her head as her sister Sera came into the room.

    "Whats going on?" Sera piped up in a innocent voice looking between her sibling sensing the tension.

    Keira pressed her lips still glaring at her brother before looking away. "N..nothing... Tell mom I am going for a walk, going to get some firewood and snow melt for water.." she said not meeting their eyes and putting her shoes on to head outside. She needed some air, perhaps visit her friend Darla., someone who didn't make her worry or make her angry..

    After storming out she took a few breaths of the cold crisp air outside and started to feel better. Why did Denzin have to irritate her so? Perhaps it was a brother thing.. it had to be, he knew that attitude irritated her.. But after walking through the peace of Blackberry she started to relax and calm down.

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